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Announcement V
November 24th 2009, 4:27 am by Monty2289
Attention All Members

Alright guys, Sorry I haven't coming to the site. Between working on a new site and overwhelming amounts work, I haven't been doing this place justice. Alright so the break is keeping me from using the net as much as I can (or need) so I want this site's revival to be effective.

If everyone still checks here (and I hope you all do), we will continue with our stories …

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Announcement VI
October 28th 2009, 5:48 pm by Monty2289
Attention All Members...

The RP Officially Begins Today!!

Interim this means that the "Sage Awakening Short Stories" can and must be posted within the following three weeks. - In the respective topics on the World Map. Please look at the "Sage Awakening Story" thread for any information and if it is not there please consult that thread in order to ask any questions.

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 Ben 10 Alien Force Season III Premiere

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PostSubject: Ben 10 Alien Force Season III Premiere   September 12th 2009, 7:42 am

Alright...hopefully members aren't dead and they actually show up. I specifically SAID that if you're going to sign up show some commitment. Otherwise you're all wasting the effort of both Kenny and I (Specifically Kenny)

In any case. First topic (even if I didn't want it to be.) But the premiere has me all pumped up. So did anyong catch it. I figure we don't have any CN watchers amongst our regulars but maybe the synopsis and "evaluation"/critque I give will help.


So what bothers me exactly. Vilgax's rewrite. Sure I got angry at retcons for all of the characters when Alien Force FIRST came out. But those retcons were for the better (Although slightly subverted by Kevin and his absorption power) But with Vilgax it was a horrible reinvention of his character. His power in relationship to his original is greated diminished. His voice actor is different. His personality is that of an honorable warrior. And half of his abilities are just fuxing weapons (not mad genetic strength).

Next: Ben's doucheness. You think after 5 years he wouldn't still be that way but he is 15 so I guess that's not much of a problem. But it's the trick that show tries to play on you. The omintrix is damaged somewhat so it now does what it did five years ago (i.e. malfunctions and chooses the wrong alien of the intended selection). But what the hell does that mean. So for instance: He wants to turn into Swampfire and gets Chromostone....so what? He just gets another alien who is indestructible, absorbs energy, fires energy, and has super strength. So in the end that whole notion is retarded

Last thing I'm upset yet somewhat thrilled about. He gets back Diamondhead and he pwns hard. What the fuck?! The only excuse I can think of is that he got awesome with the form within the 5 years BEFORE Alien Force jeez. It was like no effort. (And supposedly Vilgax is supposed to be MORE powerful especially since he matched several of Ben's aliens.) Still WTF? That's all I can truly say on that.

So anything you guys want to talk about the premiere or anything written here. Go for it.
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Ben 10 Alien Force Season III Premiere
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