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Announcement V
November 24th 2009, 4:27 am by Monty2289
Attention All Members

Alright guys, Sorry I haven't coming to the site. Between working on a new site and overwhelming amounts work, I haven't been doing this place justice. Alright so the break is keeping me from using the net as much as I can (or need) so I want this site's revival to be effective.

If everyone still checks here (and I hope you all do), we will continue with our stories …

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Announcement VI
October 28th 2009, 5:48 pm by Monty2289
Attention All Members...

The RP Officially Begins Today!!

Interim this means that the "Sage Awakening Short Stories" can and must be posted within the following three weeks. - In the respective topics on the World Map. Please look at the "Sage Awakening Story" thread for any information and if it is not there please consult that thread in order to ask any questions.

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 Announcement II

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Name: Skye Fafnir
Race: Hylian

PostSubject: Announcement II   October 3rd 2009, 7:03 am

Listen up, folks...

I think I ought to apologize for my lack of activity/participation on this board. I have mid terms on April, July, September and December, so I will be inactive for about 2 ~ 3 weeks each time. I'll make up for it by trying to be more contributive to the site =ㅅ=.


MONTY...stop pestering ssj and Sazu. If they need time for anthro tests or whatsits, they can be absent as long as they post HOW LONG they will be inactive and actually TURN UP ON TIME. If they don't then the task of punishment falls on the OoC admin, who will hand them out ACCORDING TO this site's Code of Conduct. There is no reason for you to post negative comments about them [especially ssj].

Say sorry. [And remember to read the rules next time.]
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Name: Yusei Nohansen Kozuch Sumeria
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PostSubject: Re: Announcement II   October 3rd 2009, 8:18 am

We've talked about it. Extensively. As someone who hold parlimentary and democratic action above most things I can say that I was in the wrong on a few accounts. Following:

Cursing is prohibitted. I did it out of admittingly specific anger. At the excuse that was used by gohan. That in combination with kagekaisen and the use of the site despite needing to be here, when I could have just closed the site.

Secondly, KK is dead. Of course he knows that and Sazu knows it. And to bring up any related notions about activity, current or otherwise, IS WRONG. Because it all become moot point.

However....There are multiple counterarguements. But I'll let the whole discussion invoke your own opinions


Now then....Let it be shown that here and in a P.M. I will apologize to Sazu. Not because Kenny brought it up. But 1.) Because he deserves it. 2.) And it needs to be official said.

He proved to me that he wants to be here. More than I could have imagined and I have a distinct sense of over admiration at the dedication and perhaps even time he put into his app. (specifically the history). So it is I, Monterrious McCaskill, who deserves your acceptance of my earnest apology. I'm sorry....

Moving On. Gohan WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT recieve the same apology if the deadline is not met. I've repeated myself so many times and I will do so yet again. He has to prove to me beyond A DOUBT that he wants to be here. I've stated to Kenny that all "current transgressions will be aleiviated if he can complete said task."

In conclusion: According to general OOC procedures I goofed. So in accordance with that I will also apologize to Kenny (even though he's been absent and someone has to take over OOC.) If not me then assign someone else in your stead bro. However I harbor no regret over anything said. If there is another time where I distort OOC (i.e. cursing or improper behavior) over the OOC Moderators' head, please note that it is for a reason....Even if is personal.
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Announcement II
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