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Announcement V
November 24th 2009, 4:27 am by Monty2289
Attention All Members

Alright guys, Sorry I haven't coming to the site. Between working on a new site and overwhelming amounts work, I haven't been doing this place justice. Alright so the break is keeping me from using the net as much as I can (or need) so I want this site's revival to be effective.

If everyone still checks here (and I hope you all do), we will continue with our stories …

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Announcement VI
October 28th 2009, 5:48 pm by Monty2289
Attention All Members...

The RP Officially Begins Today!!

Interim this means that the "Sage Awakening Short Stories" can and must be posted within the following three weeks. - In the respective topics on the World Map. Please look at the "Sage Awakening Story" thread for any information and if it is not there please consult that thread in order to ask any questions.

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 Skye Fafnir - Sage of Light : A Knight's Tale

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PostSubject: Skye Fafnir - Sage of Light : A Knight's Tale   November 8th 2009, 3:24 pm

Light is precious in a world so dark.

Quote from "The Tales of Despereaux"

Skye woke to the din of fighting and the sickening stench of blood. How long had it been since he had felt this way. But he couldn't see -- a haze of pink shrouded his eyes. He raised a trembling hand and swept back his hair, which had become undone. Skye attempted to wipe the blood off of his face...and found his left eye missing, a hollow socket of what it had been. The memories of the past day flooded back to him, and he suddenly realized he was in great pain. Coughing up blood, he staggered forwards.

He was in an unfamiliar room, covered with what was once rich tapestries. There was a large bed, veiled with bloodstained silken shrouds. He took several steps forward, and threw aside the scratched, fragile cloths, forcing him to see the madness in front of him. A spear, property of the Knights of Hyrule, was sticking out of the back of the princess he had sworn to protect, who was nailed to the wall of her chambers in a mocking fashion, her features set in the grim surprise of unexpected death. Skye fell down on his knees, and tried to wake up. This must all be a dream... He tried to get up once more, but a familiar cold pricking feeling on the back of his neck stopped him. It was the feel of steel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Skye Fafnir, Knight of Hyrule, you have been brought before us for trial. For betraying the state, and for the murder of one with the Royal bloodline, you will be executed at 12 o'clock tomorrow. Until then you shall be kept within the grounds of this castle."

The following days were hell. Skye was brought back to his own lodgings, but he had lost all company. No-one dared bring food to a wretched murderer, and even his former allies shunned him. Guards were placed at both entrances, and the windows were reinforced with steel bars. What was once the office and living quarters of an esteemed Hyrulian Knight had become a prison. Skye was generally left to his own devices, but nothing existed with which he could cause havoc; not even a slip of paper had been left. So he spent long hours thinking about the recent turn of events, and came to the conclusion that the Royal family and the whole affair about the "Goddesses" and the "Triforce" was rubbish, and he had wasted his 26 years. He was able to stay rational, and make a plan.

The next day, someone knocked on the door of his makeshift prison. In came a whole company of Knights, ranging from around 5 to 8 in all. The odds are still fine. A pompous looking fool, once his subordinate, drew a long scroll. "First-class prisoner, Skye Fafnir, is to be killed and his head be hung on the castle gates." Skye sighed, and dropped to his knees once more. The man drew his sword and gave a mocking salute.

Skye spoke with a cracked voice. "At least let me die a Knight's death." The executioner exchanged looks with the others, nodded, and changed his grip so it would cut cleanly through Skye's neck...and swung down.

For an infinitessimal moment, nothing moved. Then suddenly, Skye flung out his handcuffs, catching the blade in midair. Twisting it to the right, he threw a vicious kick at the executioner, throwing him backwards. [They had forgotten to take off his armor.] The handcuffs broke from the pure force being exerted, and Skye stood facing the others, his back to the wall. His eyes brought fear along with them, for they had no hope -- they did not shine, and spoke of death. Skye made a few practice movements, throwing an unfamiliar sword back and fro, weighing the weapon. He then launched himself at the Knights, cutting some of his lifelong friends down and eventually escaping. He flung off his heavy armor, and ran down the stairs in a flurry. Skye was out on the streets of Hyrule in a second.

The people were, no doubt, surprised by a bloodcrusted knight suddenly popping up beside them. They shrank away, screaming, and Skye could hear the yelling voices inside the building. He had to act quick, or the drawbridges around the river would be closed and he would have to choose between execution and suicide. He weaved through the crowd, which parted like water, and made it to the southern gates. He cut down one of the guards, shoving the corpse to another one, and ran through the bridge. Once he was through, he jumped in the moat before the archers could fire their arrows. He had survived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The white steps of the entrance was drenched with blood. Skye threw down the sword. He would have no need for it inside. He left his weapon with the bodies of the four pitiful souls that tried to stop him. He wiped the blood off his face. Not watching to step over the men, Skye walked straight forwards, his boots soaked in the liquid...the warmth was fading fast. He threw open the doors and walked in.

Skye had expected it to be just like any other place, but what he saw struck awe into his being. The stained glass threw shadows on the white marble ground, which was now drenched in the pure red of the setting sun. He felt out of place, in the sanctity and the pureness of it all. Skye took an involuntary step forward, drawn by some invisible force. He noticed a small arch, shrouded with an embroidered, sliken cloth, and went in. Inside was a small pedestial similarly made of marble, and a red cushion with a small, yellow coin on top. Skye had no need for it, but reached out anyways. He put his bloodstained hand on the medallion, but it did not dirty. On the contrary, the coin remained as shiny as it had been.

"So it's you."

Skye whirled around at the unfamiliar voice, and put his hand to his waist to draw his sword. He remembered that he had thrown it away on the steps. Such foolish behavior. He looked at the man approaching him.

"And you are...?"

"It is manners to introduce yourself first...but I already know you, Skye. In fact, I know you better than you know yourself. I know, for instance, that you are not a crazed, evil man bent on killing."

"Ho...? And how do you know that I wouldn't try to kill you with my bare fists?"

"Because, if you were truly evil, you could not have laid a finger on that coin you have in your hand there. Isn't that right, Princess?"

"Of course."

At the second voice Skye just stood there. If he was flanked, he would have no chance of winning. He slowly pivoted on his heels, facing both of them at the same time.

Beside him stood a beautiful princess in a splendid dress. She seemed to be covered in a bright aura. Skye narrowed his one eye.

"We know you are not responsible for the death of the one you swore to protect. And fate has lead you to this temple. We offer you power and strength should you decide to use it for the good of Hyrule. We would ask of you...to become a Sage."

"...a Sage? What makes you think I'm qualified?"

The man butted in, saying "One who has fallen in darkness once knows how valuable the light is." Skye ignored him, and narrowed his eyes.

"And what if I refuse?"

The princess smiled. Skye began to notice that her features were uncannily like those of his own majesty, but he had already checked the corpse. This was another person. The smile, for instance, did not convey innocence but strong will, and knowledge. He frowned.

"You wouldn't accept your fate right away. But the day will come when you realize what you are destined to be. You are not someone who should be wasted on the gallows."

"A day will come when you realize the importance of this coin as well. Keep in safe, and use it in need. Good-bye, Skye Fafnir."

A light surrounded Skye. He took a moment to fathom the absurdity of it all, before he realized that his current form itself was absurd as well.

"My name is Falcon. Captain Falcon."

"And I am Zelda."

"Until we meet again..."

Everything faded to black.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Skye woke up on a rattling cart. Bad dreams had struck him again. He propped himself up, and checked that his cattle were on the right course...then he stopped them. A small, gold coin tinkled on a roughly-made chain on his neck.

He let the cows drink in the nearby river, while he himself had his lunch. A pack of dried meat, some biscuits, and a small bottle of Lon Lon milk was all he had, but it was enough. Skye sat down, listening to the chirping of the birds while he ate.

It was as he started to load everything back on the cart that he spotted dust on the road behind him. Something was coming, and it was big. The medallion on his chest, with a large, golden "I" inscribed on it, began to glow. Even though he quickly covered his coin with a grey cloak and put a grey hat on his head, Skye couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something there. In his 3 years as a run-away convict, he had never felt this way -- but here was the feeling again. It was destiny.

Skye dawdled, allowing the entourage behind him to catch up. A group of soldiers were accompanying what was no doubt a royal or noble personnage. Some of the guards approached him.

"Halt, stranger."

It was then did he notice that the eyes of these people were not like those of Hylians nor Sheikahs. They were the color of purple, and carried a certain air around them that made them hard to approach. Skye smiled.

"And why, o guard, should I do that? [And for your information, you're the stranger. This is Hyrule, not whatever country you came from.]"

"We are escorting her royal Highness, Princess Zenitha of Calatia to Castle Town. Make haste, or we shall put you off the road by force."

"You would do that to an innocent farmer, like me?"

"Just get off the road!"

Realizing that he had squeezed all the information out of the poor fellow, Skye leaped off his cart with surprising agility that surprised those in front. Let's tempt fate. "You didn't pay for this road -- the poor Hyrulians did. Tell your Princess Z-whatsits to come down here and apologize. I don't know what kind of country you came from, but you can't order me to do so-and-so and expect me to follow!"

"You insolate--"

"Why don't you pull me off this road, then, like you threatened to do? Then I'll see you in court!"

The guards launched themselves, swords drawn. Skye saw that they planned to fight in earnest. He pulled his walking-stick from a pile of hay, and pointed it at the warriors. For a moment, a spark of tension filled the road; but realizing that it was just an ordinary walking-stick, they swung their swords with a roar.

The weapons did not cleave through flesh and bone, but broke the wooden cart. Having suddenly ducked, Skye spun his walking-stick in a wide arc, flattening them down. A few more deft movements disarmed those who could still stand. "Just where do you think you are pointing your swords, huh?"

That moment, Skye realized that something was amiss. He was about to swirl around and see what, but pure instinct allowed him to block an attack that could have pierced his heart. Alarmed, Skye jumped back on his cart, trying to see who his opponent was. His medallion was glowing brighter than ever, but he did not reveal it to the enemy. Deep inside his mind, he realized that this guard was also destined to be a Sage.

Skye spun, throwing himself towards the guard. Avoiding an attack narrowly, he flung his cloak wide open and drew his own rapier -- the one he had bought in Kakariko village. Having exchanged a few blows, he knew that the opponent was obviously more skilled than he. Skye knocked out his enemy's legs, and then positioned himself so he could deal the finishing blow when the man pointed his sword at Skye's throat, pricking it. They were locked in an intense battle of will, neither willing to back down until --

"Stop it, Yusei!"

Yusei...? The guard under his feet lowered his weapon, and Skye got off the man, looking sheepish. He pressed his hat back on his head, and noticed the other guards slowly getting up. Yusei... His chain of thoughts was interrupted by another voice.

"We are deeply sorry for the wreckage our guards have caused. As you can see, we are travelling to Castle Town to meet with his Majesty, the King of Hyrule. But for that, we must pass through the mountains right ahead. Due to our being foreign to these parts, we would like to ask thee for a favor. If you were to guide us through what they call "Death Mountain", we shall reimburse you for the cart you have lost."

Impressed at the will of the princess, as well as her abilities of striking deals with even the most strangest of people, he knelt down, kissing her hand. "No, not at all, your Highness. I must apologize myself for having stopped your entourage with my inane nonsense. If you would accept, I would gladly guide you through the Death Mountain and to Castle Town. I will also try all I can to ensure your journey is a safe one. Skye Fafnir, at your service." Skye offered a hand to Yusei. "I'm sorry, dear fellow. But now that's resolved, how about we make this journey a pleasant one? It appears our destinations are the same." Patting the man on the shoulder, he went to calm his frightened cows and unload what he could from the wrecked crate. Several jugs of milk had been cracked, but he still had enough to sustain himself.

Well, this journey'll be an interesting one.

The light of his medallion slowly dulled. He had found the second Sage.
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Skye Fafnir - Sage of Light : A Knight's Tale
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