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Announcement V
November 24th 2009, 4:27 am by Monty2289
Attention All Members

Alright guys, Sorry I haven't coming to the site. Between working on a new site and overwhelming amounts work, I haven't been doing this place justice. Alright so the break is keeping me from using the net as much as I can (or need) so I want this site's revival to be effective.

If everyone still checks here (and I hope you all do), we will continue with our stories …

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Announcement VI
October 28th 2009, 5:48 pm by Monty2289
Attention All Members...

The RP Officially Begins Today!!

Interim this means that the "Sage Awakening Short Stories" can and must be posted within the following three weeks. - In the respective topics on the World Map. Please look at the "Sage Awakening Story" thread for any information and if it is not there please consult that thread in order to ask any questions.

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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   September 5th 2009, 6:48 am

Forum Guidelines

These rules are here to protect the forum and make a friendly and active RPing atmosphere. Please respect all of these rules while on the forum. If you feel that something is lacking, then PM me.

Code of Conduct

1.) Follow the Golden Rule.
The Golden Rule is treated very seriously here. Respect others, and they’ll respect you. If you disrespect other members [this includes the Staff] in any way, you might as well pack your bags and leave. If the Staff catches someone being disrespectful, they will be given one PM/e-mail before being banned permanently. “Disrespect” here means all personal insults, profanity, obscenity, prejudiced material, etc. directed at another member.

2.) Don’t SPAM.
No-one likes a spammer. If you spam outside of the “Lounging Around” board [which was created for the sole purpose of being a spam basket], you suffer a high risk of being banned. Spamming means nonsensical or needless posts that haven’t got anything to do with the topic, or are just gibberish. It also includes [but is not limited to] bumping, which is posting in a topic whose last reply is at least a month old.

3.) Write legibly.
This goes for the entire forum. No 133t-speak, no illegible fonts/sizes/etc. Try to use correct punctuation and grammar. There is no time limit for posting in the forum, so take your time, check over your vocabulary and grammar before posting. Minor mistakes will be overlooked, but if one posts “|\|00B5 d353R\/3 70 d13”, there will be a warning.

4.) Don’t advertise anywhere on the forum.
Have your own [or someone else’s] RPing forum, and want to introduce it to this forum? Don’t go around and posting it on the board, or sending it through the ChatBox and PMs. If such unapproved advertisements are found/reported, the offending post will be deleted and the offender permanently banned. There is a board called “Making Friends” for affiliating. Post your advertisements there [but first, get them approved].

5.) Don’t bait other members.
If you provoke other members into flaming, both the flamer and the baiter will be punished according to the 1st rule. Don’t tease/trigger members into swearing or posting disrespectful material, then report them. Don’t. For other members, report those who are trying to provoke you to the Staff without retaliating. This way, only the baiter will be permanently banned.

6.) Be active.
As a member of this forum, you must be active. If you don’t post something within 3 days of creating your account, your account will be deleted without warning; if you don’t post for more than 2 weeks without prior notice, your account will be deleted after a 1-week period, during which a warning e-mail will be sent. If you have made an account, please contribute to this site and help it grow!

7.) Don’t harass other members.
If a member tells you to stop doing something, or tells you to “go away”, then stop and go away. This includes hounding the Staff to check something or sending repeated PMs. If you don’t leave someone alone when they ask you to, then you should be prepared to face the consequences. Harassing other members will be dealt with severely, either temporary or permanent bans.

8.) Respect the Staff’s decisions.
If the Staff tells you to do something, then do it. The moderators and administrators are here to take care of the forum, and they give fair judgments most of the time. If you think that the Staff has made an irresponsible/unreasonable decision, then send them a nice PM/e-mail explaining your woes, and what you’d like for them to do about it. If you post any offensive material to the Staff, you will be temporarily/permanently banned.

Roleplaying Rules

1.) No one-liners.
Try not to write one-liners while RPing. One-liners generally have almost no thought or action put into them, and they tend to spawn more one-liners. They ultimately stop the RP thread from progressing any farther. Try writing more than 3 lines. If you need to increase your post length, then focus on details. A good RP post is generally a paragraph long.

2.) Don’t blabber and/or rant.
Alternatively, no-one likes idiotically long posts. Ranting in RPing can halt progress because no-one knows what the heck you’re talking about, and soon the thread will die. To cure ranting, try to focus on the topic at hand. If you edit out unnecessary information before posting on the forum, you can shorten your posts to a rational level. Again, a good RP post is generally a paragraph long.

The staff will tell you to fix one-line posts and ranting, but repeated and/or intentional one-liners/rants will result in a temporary/permanent ban. If you can’t RP, this forum isn’t for you.

3.) Don’t power-play.
No power-playing. Your character isn’t a god that can deflect all attacks and see through the minds of others. All-powerful, all-knowing, impenetrable, invincible, and omnipotent are some words to avoid. God-like characters, abilities, and equipment won’t be approved, but if you power-play in any RP thread, you will be given one warning PM/e-mail before being permanently banned from the forum.

4.) Write legibly.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary when posting in a RP thread. If you write using 1337-speak, or something illegible, your post will be deleted and you will be asked to re-write. There aren’t any time limits on when to post a RP reply, so take your time, and use a word processor to check on the grammar and punctuation. Repeated bouts of incorrect grammar will result in one final warning, then a permanent ban.

5.) Discriminate IC and OoC knowledge.
OoC means the RPer him/herself, and IC means the RP character [or RPC]. Just because you have read a post about a trap doesn’t mean your character knows it yet. This can be categorized as “power-play”, but as some RPers do it unknowingly, the Staff will inform those who mix up the two by PMs. Repeated attempts to use OoC knowledge while RPing [often called “meta-gaming”] will result in a permanent ban, so watch out!

5.) No autoing.
Autoing means taking control of other people’s characters. The only time you can auto is when you are controlling an NPC, or when you have approval from both the member and one of the Staff to do so. Even while autoing, you should remember to follow the information given in the biography of the character. Autoing without permission is not acceptable, and will result in a permanent ban.

6.) Only one account.
You may only have one account on this board, except for “special cases” with the Staffs’ approval. If you make more than one account from any IP address, or are found in the possession of more than one account, all your accounts save for your oldest one will be deleted, and even the oldest one will be put on suspension. If such activities continue after the temporary ban is over, you will be banned from this forum.

7.) Be original.
If you are caught copying stuff directly from someone else’s site, another anime/game, or from Bleach itself, you will be asked to rewrite/remove the plagiarizing material. Failure to do so, or repeated attempts to copy other people’s work will result in a temporary ban. We value originality.

8.) RP in accordance to your application.
Sometimes the case arises when your character acts completely different from your application. For instance, someone you described as having a “kind and timid personality” swearing and taunting another character is unacceptable. If your character undergoes character development, as a Staff via the “Improving” board to update your application. It is your duty, as a member, to routinely update your application with a short synopsis of the RP threads your character has been in, any new abilities/spells/items, etc.

9.) Have fun.
Possibly the most important rule of all. Have fun! RPing is, in its essence, just a game. Don’t be disappointed when your character loses and don’t gloat over your victories. There is no winning and losing in RP forums. Realize that the forum is just a game, and it’s not just you playing as a single player. Respect the other members and the rules, and have fun RPing!

I, as the Head of Staff, have the right to change/edit these rules when I feel the need to do so. I also retain the right to overturn any of these rules.


The staff has a wide arsenal of punishments available for those who break the rules. If you break any of the rules above, you will be punished as the Staff sees fit. Generally, there are three types of punishments: Warnings, Suspension, and Bans.

Warnings: Warnings are verbal [through the ChatBox] reprimands or PMs/e-mails informing the offender that they have broke the rules. Most rules generally follow the three-strikes-you’re-out rule, the offender’s fate after repeating the same crime thrice is either suspension or banning. PM Warnings are sent to members telling them to re-write/erase posts, as well as for rule-breaking within the forum. E-mail Warnings are sent to members who are either inactive or absent. They can also be sent to suspended members, as suspended members have no way of checking their PMs.

Suspension: Suspension is a heavier form of punishment. It acts as a temporary ban, and restricts the entry of certain IP addresses for a set amount of time. Suspension can be anywhere from a week to two months long, depending on the crime. Normally suspension is handed out after the 2nd time breaching a rule, but not always.

Banning: Banning is the harshest punishment a Staff can hand out. They come in two types: IP bans and deletion. IP Bans are permanent bans that restrict access from a specific IP address. All IP addresses that a banned member has previously used will also be banned. This is usually the last [and most deadly] weapon in the hands of the Staff. They will be used after all 3 warnings are used up, but for special rules there can be IP bans with only one warning or with no warning at all. Account Deletion is a softer punishment that involves the account being deleted. The member is free to create another account. This punishment is generally used for absence and inactivity.


If you have found anyone who has broken the rule, send the Staff a PM with a screenshot that can act as evidence. Remember to include the offender’s name and the rule they broke. Reports are taken seriously, and the Staff will discuss about the severity of the crime before giving out any punishments.

If one reports another member out of fun, or frames another member for a crime they didn’t commit, the reporter shall be punished instead of the “victim”. Be careful when you report another member, but remember that the Staff can’t keep track of all the activity in the forum, so it is up to the RPers to report rule-breaking.

Thank You,
The Staff

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Posts : 36
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Age : 23
Location : Seoul, South Korea

Character Sheet
Name: Skye Fafnir
Race: Hylian

PostSubject: Re: Code of Conduct   September 7th 2009, 7:40 am


I've updated the rules! [2009.09.07]
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Code of Conduct
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